Bad credit car loans


Do you provide car loans for people who are self employed?

Yes, we can arrange car loans specifically for the self-employed and those starting in business with no trading accounts.

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How long does it take before i get approved?

Once you have completed an application with our Applications department and we have received your personal and financial information, we will perform a driver, fines and credit check. We can then offer you a conditional approval in two minutes, if you meet our loan application criteria. 

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HOW LONG DOES IT take before I drive away?

If you apply before midday and you have the required deposit, you could drive away on the same day.


When you receive a two minute conditional approval, we will let you know approximately how much you can borrow and what the deposit will be. You will then be required to send in a few more documents. Subject to these meeting our loan application criteria, the Document Verification department will unconditionally approve your loan and confirm the deposit required.

You will then visit one of our branches with your original documents and choose your car before driving away. 


Can I have a fixed rate car loan?

Yes, the interest rate on your car loan is fixed for the term.

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Is it safe to apply for a car loan online? Will my personal details be secure and remain confidential?

It is extremely safe to apply online as our web site employs the latest 128 bit encryption technology, therefore your details cannot be viewed by any unauthorised third party.


Your loan is also strictly confidential. We will not contact your employers, bank or any other third party without your prior permission and your details will not be shared with outside companies or organisations.

The only thing we have to do is a credit check through VEDA. This means other lending agencies who check your credit history will be able to see we did that.

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How much can I borrow?

Our key criteria is affordability, so the amount you can borrow will depend on how much you can afford. To assess how much you can afford, we look at your income and expenses. 

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Will I need a deposit?

Yes. The amount depends on the value of the car and our assessment of your credit history. This could range from $100 to $600.

What interest rate will I pay?

Our interest rates range from 16.95% to 28.95% and depend on our assessment of your credit history and the deposit you pay. The following table outlines our interest rates based on clients' different circumstances:


Vehicle Loan Interest Rates
From 16.95% to 29.95%

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I've been turned down elsewhere, is it still worth applying for a car loan?

Yes, we accept many customers that other lenders have turned down. We also provide excellent advice on how to rebuild your credit profile.

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Can I buy any car I choose?

Once our team approves your loan, you will be told how much money you can borrow and what deposit is required. You will then get to choose any car in our yard up to that value.

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