With Aqua Cars, you get more than a car and finance, you get a car you can afford and help to keep it on the road. Here at Aqua, we can offer a finance deal to a much wider range of clients than other car yards, thanks to our strategic partnership with Go Car Finance.

We have branches in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington, so come on by and check us out.



Getting you into your new car is our aim. When you apply for finance through our partner, Go Car Finance, your credit history will be evaluated to determine what interest rate you'll pay – but it is only one part of the assessment. The key criteria is affordability and Go Car Finance is able to help people from all backgrounds, regardless of their credit history. Good credit, no credit, or dented credit - that's their specialisation. If you can afford the repayments, they will probably be able to help.



This is one of the best things about getting a car through Aqua Cars. In your finance agreement you can include in your regular repayments, the cost of your vehicle's registration, WOF check and annual servicing. Other benefits include three annual roadside assistance callouts through NZRA and access to their accident helpline, along with a Revolving Credit drawdown facility for safety related WOF repairs.

The optional support programmes can also include a Mechanical Warranty. And if you're made redundant or fall sick, there are Health and Redundancy Waivers which can help keep your repayments going for up to six months, so you can stay on the road even during the tough times.

We understand that coming up with a lump sum to cover unexpected vehicle expenses can be challenging. With these support programmes, you'll make small contributions to cover these expenses alongside your regular loan repayments, reducing the stress and worry. To find out more, see our What’s Included Page.


Go Car Finance’s interest rates vary and are determined on a case-by-case basis, so you can be sure you're getting the best possible rate for your individual circumstances. Approvals are based on affordability, with your credit history being used to evaluate and determine the interest rate you will pay. If you apply for vehicle finance, Go Car Finance will carefully evaluate your financial situation to ensure you can afford the repayments.

You will be informed at the pre-approval stage which interest rate would be applicable to your loan. We know that paying your regular instalment can be tricky from time-to-time, and are happy to advise that additional interest is not charged if you're in default.

For more information about Go Car Finance’s products and rates click here or for lending fees click here.

What’s my credit rating?

Don’t know your credit rating? Take our short quiz to see how your credit profile is likely to stack up, without performing an official credit check! (Use Aqua Cars' credit profile calculator as a guide only. To actually secure a car loan you will need to go through the normal credit checking procedures.)