Keeping up to date



Your contract with us will require you to make the repayments at agreed intervals (weekly, fortnightly or monthly). It is your responsibility to do this. While you actually own the car from the time of purchase, there is a Disabling System installed in the car until your loan is paid off. This system enables us to track and disable the car. The car will only be disabled however, if your payments are more than six days overdue and you have not made adequate arrangements to catch up on these payments.

In order for us to keep financing people in need, it is critical that you pay us! This way we'll be able to help you, pay our staff looking after our loans and can continue to provide this unique service with all it's advantages for people with bad credit.

If things get tricky, keep us in the loop

If for some reason you are unable to pay us your regular instalment, you MUST get in contact with us immediately. We're here to help and understand that from time to time people get into tricky situations. In most cases we're able to help work through any issues you may have together and come to a solution.

Whatever you do, don't just not pay and hope for the best - communication is the key!

We can act as a credit reference for you too

Aqua Cars specialises in helping people who have been turned down in the past - and can actually help repair your credit rating so you won't be turned down in future. We can do this because we stand as a reference site for those clients who have had some trouble in the past but are now regularly paying off their loans with us. We often provide references to other finance companies on behalf of our clients.

And because we finance our own loans we can be more flexible than many other finance companies around. We're able to finance 100% of applicants into vehicles subject to affordability, so fill out the application form now!

Yes, you can pay it off early

There are some people who want to pay off their car loan off early. That's absolutely fine by us - in fact we'll congratulate you!


Frank bought his Toyota Corolla from Aqua in August 2011. He had a $1,000 deposit to put towards the car which was priced at $10,995. Each week he pays off $105. By January 2013 he had paid off $4,009 and is thrilled that by July 2014 he will have paid off his car altogether!


Miti's fourth child was on the way and her Mazda 323 was going to be just too small. She found the perfect answer at Aqua - a Toyota Previa for $10, 950. After trading in her Mazda for $3,000, Miti took out a loan for the difference ($7,950). She also joined the Licence and Service plans so that she did not have to budget for Warrant of Fitness tests, six monthly services or motor vehicle registration over the life of the loan. Weekly installments of $110 means that in three years she will have paid off her loan and own her car outright.