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When you apply for a loan with us, you have the option of upgrading to include one of our comprehensive support programmes. We have programmes that can include Roadside Assistance, WOF checks and registrations, servicing, extended mechanical warranties and more. We take the worry away and that's one of the main things people like about us.

My On Road Plan

Coming up with a lump sum payment to keep your registration and WOF up to date can be hard. Our MY ON ROAD PLAN is the perfect way to spread your car maintenance costs over the whole year. To help keep you safe and on the road, this membership covers:

  •  A service every 12 months with the bells and whistles
  •  Car licensing (Registration)
  •  WOF testing (Warrant Of Fitness)

Payment Waivers

Health, Work (Redundancy) and Restart

If your pay stops because you’re off work with a serious illness or you’re made redundant, your car loan payments will be taken care of for a period of time. The restart waiver, if your vehicle is subject to an insurance claim and the insurance company pays out under a total loss write off, this waiver helps you drive away in a replacement vehicle (conditions apply). That way you’ll get to stay on the road. The health and work waivers cover:

  •  Serious illness - your loan payments will be waived from up to $125 per week for a period of time
  •  Redundancy - your loan payments will be waived from up to $125 per week for a period of time

Mechanical Warranty

This plan covers unforeseen and sudden failure of mechanical and electrical parts, which were covered in the original manufacturer’s warranty. Which includes:

  •  Mechanical and electrical breakdown repairs

Vehicle Insurance

It's important for both of us that your new car is covered by insurance. We do need proof of insurance before you drive away. If you have an existing relationship with an insurance company, we suggest you approach them first; otherwise, we can help you arrange insurance cover at very competitive rates.


All of our vehicles are fitted with a Starter Interrupt Device. This system uses GPS tracking and performs two main functions. Firstly, the GPS enables us to locate the vehicle at any time of the day or night, ideal for security and obstructing theft. Secondly, the system can interrupt the car’s starter motor, preventing the vehicle from being turned on.

Referral programme membership

When you become an Aqua Cars client, you will get an automatic membership to our referral programme. Our referral programme enables you to make an easy $100, just by referring your friends and family.*

  •  Tell your friends and family about us.
  •  Make sure they present our referral card at the time of application.
  •  We will then deposit $100 into your account if your loan is up to date!
  •  We will also reduce the deposit request by $100!*

Simple as that.

*The purchaser of the car must be a new customer. Terms and conditions apply and referral fee is subject to change during vehicle promotions and specials. Not available in conjunction with any other specials or promotions.